As a locally owned and operated business, we love to support initiatives within our communities and further, to bring about positive change to people's lives.

As a small business going through currently tumultuous times in regards to our raw ingredient pricing/supply issues of cacao, our current "donation only" capabilities are limited, for which we have a specific budget in place. If you wish to know more regarding whether we can be a part of your donation supported cause, please get in touch. If we are unable to support you: please understand that we have likely already exhausted the full amount that we are capable of and we encourage that you check back in the future.


We always welcome fundraisers even when we cannot specifically "donate".

Our chocolate creations are available to you and your cause.


Who can fundraise with us?

YOU! Email us to start the conversation so we can get to know what your ambitions are for fundraising and your cause, so that we can help make your funding dreams come true with chocolate.

How to fundraise?

We supply our chocolate products to you at cost, meaning we cover the expenses related to the raw ingredients, labour, packaging etc. to produce the products, your pricing is the lowest possible so that you and your non-profit organization can reap the benefits.

Your non-profit institution and representatives choose how best to sell/distribute the chocolate products to fundraise. This is solely up to you. We can provide recommendations on what has worked for past clients and potential suggested products.

We have recommended pricing for each product so that you can decide how best to support your cause and what products might be best for you based on their popularity, product price point to fundraising income return ratio, seasonality, the nature of your cause and if we have specific products that relate and enhance your efforts further.

When in the year?

Generally we offer fundraising opportunities year-round.

That being said we do require ample notice ahead of any holiday seasons due to the high volume business we experience during these times. We recommend you contact us 6 weeks prior to Christmas time for fundraising during the holiday season (mid-november) and 4 weeks prior to the following observed holidays: valentine's, mother's day, Father's Day, Canada day, Remembrance Day, Thanksgiving, Easter, Hanukkah, Eid al-Fitr, Chinese New Year, Halloween.

For any specific fundraising events that are not holiday related, we request a minimum of 2 weeks notice (10 business days) prior to the date you wish to pick up or need the products ready. For extra large fundraising efforts/orders we may request more time in order to produce and prepare the requested products.

If there is not enough notice given to produce a specific product or quantity in time for your event date we will always make other suggestions to the best of our abilities.

Why do we offer fundraising?

We believe in positive change and using our business resources to support those on the ground.

Being a leader in the business world and in our communities, we want to lead by example which to us means supporting positive change and making the world a better place for all of those we share it with.

Why chocolate? Chocolate has been proven to make you happier, the world could use more happiness (ie. chocolate).  

Some initiatives we have been a part of include but are not limited to:

Local hockey team fundraisers across the province, library and reading clubs, community volunteer supports and thanking those who give their time away for free, school fundraisers.


Contact us via email to discuss what products you would like and what we can do for you and your initiative.

Molded items (those with lower labour cost/time) are typically the best option in terms of the return on investment. Ie. Mini Bears, Chocolate bars.

Our specialty items (those typically packaged in more complex/intricate packaging, which take significant time to make) will be more expensive. ie. chocolate boxes, anything painted or with added colour designs.


Get in touch:


Subject line should read "Fundraising with {your name/organization here}"

Message body should include:

  • Event Date
  • What cause the fundraiser is for
  • Will you be selling/distributing from one location like an event sale, or will you have volunteers making individual sales ie. door to door.

Extra information that will help us to help you with the decision making process:

  • Allergy requirements: no nuts, gluten free, halal, kosher, vegan, etc.
  • Your budget and if you have a target fundraising value
  • How many different products you may want, total quantity estimate


We look forward to hearing from you and working with you to help make our communities happier, healthier and more connected! 

Le Chocolatier
Purveyors of the finest Canadian made chocolates, right here in the rockies!
Canmore, Alberta, Canada