About Us

Welcome to Le Chocolatier in Canmore, Alberta

Made by hand,
made with love.

Here at Le Chocolatier, our mission is simple. We craft fine chocolate creations, each one lovingly made by hand, using only the freshest ingredients and the finest Belgian chocolate. Then, we share our passion with local customers and visitors from all around the world.

Unmistakable quality.

Take one bite, and you’ll see: this is chocolate as it was meant to be. Our chocolates are preservative-free, visually beautiful and offer flavour profiles that can be satisfyingly simple or deliciously complex.

Inspired by the mountains.

We are located in Canmore, Alberta – a one-hour drive west of Calgary and just east of Banff National Park in the spectacular Canadian Rockies. Living in the mountains, our locals appreciate the finer things in life. We also ship anywhere across Canada where fine chocolate is cherished.

Our Shop

We create all Le Chocolatier confections at our independent chocolate shop in Canmore, Alberta (close to Banff) in the Canadian Rockies. Our 1,800 sq. ft. shop has a fully stocked chocolate retail storefront plus a glass wall for visitors to watch the magic happen. From here, we’re proud to ship our creations far and wide, allowing chocolate lovers everywhere to discover what our locals and visitors have enjoyed for many years.


Anna-Engel Lebiadowski is the owner of Le Chocolatier and proud creator of chocolate that reflects mountain life in Canmore and the Canadian Rockies. Coming from a background of fine dining pastry chef experience, across many establishments between the Bow Valley, to backcountry lodges with CMH heli-skiing, she brings her own unique twist to the classic chocolate shop experience. Often taking familiar ingredients but using them in new unexpected ways to delight the palate and excite your curiosity.

Anna is the third owner, in the succession of this story, that the business has as it's legacy. Prior to this the Spear's had bought the three-year-old Le Chocolatier company in 2004 from a local couple. A passion for chocolate allowed Le Chocolatier to quickly grow from what it humbly began as, to where it is now.