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Chocolate Tasting experience

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A chocolate experience like no other. We are one of the very few professional chocolatier shops in Canada to offer an educational experience on-site. *** Contact us directly to ask...

A chocolate experience like no other.

We are one of the very few professional chocolatier shops in Canada to offer an educational experience on-site.


Contact us directly to ask about upcoming booking opportunities for your group! Minimum 2 days notice required.


The 45 minute sessions are compromised primarily of a "sensory" based education, as you are guided through a tasting of multiple chocolate varieties: each demonstrating differences in percentage/cacao concentration, fermentation, roasting, region and other attributes which greatly distinguish one from the other.

We also use a visual aid to describe the process of making chocolate, beginning from when the cacao pods are first picked, to the point that the chocolate is turned into a bar.

Questions are encouraged as we move through the session.


Your tasting guide is both the head chocolatier, creative director and owner of the business

Having personally taken chocolate tastings and tours at cacao farms, I highly recommend a tasting/class for anyone who is even slightly curious or wanting to know more about how specialized cacao is. It is on par with wine - in how the growing regions, cacao varietals, fermentation processes all affect the end taste. *More on this in the experience provided.

Most recently having visited one of the world's most recognized cacao growers in Hawaii (may 2023) as well as meeting with other growers and chocolatiers in the region to educate myself on the varieties of cacao from these unique islands - my knowledge is always up to date and injected with personal experiences from which valuable information is drawn; to then be shared with those who visit for a tasting.


Tastings run from 10:00AM between Tuesday - Saturday, one session per week unless a private booking is made to fill all 10 attendee spaces. Then we will likely offer another.

Minimum 6 people are needed for a tasting to run.



CAD $15 per attendee.


To request a booking:

Use the contact page to send us a direct message, be sure to include how many people are attending, what date you would like to book for, any allergies.


Openings for chocolate tastings:


November: 9th, 11th, 17th, 24th.

December: none available.


We look forward to hearing from you and curating your unique chocolate experience!

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